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A little horror story about pretty boys working in a murderous hotel. Some shounen-ai.

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21 Nov 2014

New store Items!!


I am posting a sneak peak of items that I intend of putting on the store for pre-order by next week. I will taking pre-orders from 11/25~12/09.

First I have a tote bag!
Oli and Lucky Tote!!

This next one is a LIMITED EDITION BH theme floating charm key-chain! Made/put together by me. It will be semi-customizable. I WILL ONLY HAVE ENOUGH TO MAKE FOUR(4).

Floating charm front
Floating charm back

These two item will only be available through pre-order. I can only afford to order/make enough for those who pre-order . I will be taking pre-orders from 11/25~12/09. It may take a week for me to receive some of the merchandise and I hope to ship out by the 12/19. To make it in time for the Christmas holiday! :D

Feedback on this would be great!

Best wishes,

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